TERMS 2023
Term 1 23rd January – 31st March   10 weeks 
Term 2 24th April –   
Term 3
Term 4
 TERM ONE 2023

La Rentrée

Go back to school

Le premier trimestre 2023commence le 23 janvier. Si vous n’êtes pas sûr de votre classe (horaire et jour), n’hésitez pas à me contacter au 021880649

The first day of term one 2022 is the 23rd of January.  If you are not sure about your class details, please feel free to contact me : 021880649


3 réponses à “Calendar

  1. Hi corrie. Can u tell me who is in my class please.
    My daughter and her husband Yannick would like to meet you. He usually starts work around 3 so in the morning on any day would be good…..maybe at a cafe in Browns Bay….the French one perhaps. They are in Hamilton til Thursday.

  2. Hi Corinne – can you let me know the time of day your beginners classes are held in Browns Bay for 2018 🙂 many thanks Gill

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