Raconter des salades
Meaning: to tell stories/lies, spin yarns
Literal translation: to tell salads

Avoir une faim de loup
Meaning: to be ravenous, famished

Literal translation: to have a wolf’s hunger

Il pleut des cordes
Meaning: It’s raining cats and dogs, It’s pouring rain

Literal translation: It’s raining ropes

Pédaler dans la choucroute
Meaning: To be at a complete loss, getting nowhere fast, spinning one’s wheels

Literal translation: To pedal in the sauerkraut

Passer du coq à l’âne
Meaning: to change the subject, jump from one subject to another, make a non sequitur
Literal translation: to pass from the rooster to the donkey

Fais gaffe !
Meaning: Be careful! Watch out!
Literal translation: Make mistake!

Quelle mouche t’a piqué ?
Meaning: What’s gotten into you? What’s the matter with you?

Literal translation: Which fly bit you?

Arriver comme un cheveu sur la soupe
Meaning: to turn up at a very awkward moment, to be completely irrelevant

Literal translation: to arrive like a hair on soup

Se fourrer le doigt dans l’œil
Meaning: To be kidding oneself, to be wrong

Literal translation: To stick one’s finger in one’s eye

Oh là là
Meaning: oh dear, oh my, oh no
Literal translation: oh there there

En retard
Meaning: late

4 réponses à “Expressions

  1. All these expressions are very funny. If you ever need help, it will be a pleasure for me to help !

  2. de rien, ce sera avec plaisir !

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