Passer du coq à l’âne

Meaning: to change the subject, jump from one subject to another, make a non sequitur

Literal translation: to pass from the rooster to the donkey

Notes:  »Changing the subject » is a very literal English expression – it means exactly what it sounds like. The French expression passer du coq à l’âne, on the other hand, is a lot more interesting, with a distinct barnyard flavor. I wonder if after you pass from the rooster to the donkey you might then go on to the horse, the pig, and the goat.Variations:
sauter du coq à l’âne – literally, « to jump from the rooster to the donkey »
faire un coq-à-l’âne – literally, « to do/make a rooster-to-donkey »

Related: un coq-à-l’âne – abrupt change of subject, non sequitur

Oui, je veux bien voir le film. Et pour passer du coq à l’âne, as-tu parlé à ton frère récemment ?
Yes, I’d love to see the movie. And, on another subject, have you talked to your brother recently?

Opposite expression: revenons à nos moutons

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