Trempé comme une soupe

Pronunciation: [tra(n) pay kuh moon soop]
Meaning: To be soaking wet
Literal translation: To be soaked like a soup
Register: informal

Notes: The French expression trempé comme une soupe is a funny one.Trempé means « soaked » or « drenched, » which is fine, but why like a soup? Does that mean the person is as wet as a bowl of soup, and if so, why not a glass of water? Seems like a bowl of soup would be hot, whereas someone who is soaking wet is usually cold.

In fact, it’s none of the above. Today, soupe means « soup, » but when this expression originated, la soupe referred to the stale bread that was dipped in broth to soften it and make it edible, as in French onion soup. The bread gets soaked through – just like a person caught out in a heavy rainstorm.

Ne marche pas sur le tapis – tu es trempé comme une soupe !
Don’t walk on the rug – you’re soaking wet!

(for a person) trempé jusqu’aux os, mouillé jusqu’aux os
(for a thing) imbibé d’eau

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